Attorney Biography: Anne Marie Howells

General practitioner Anne Marie Howells has over 20 years of legal experience, and will use all of the tools at her disposal to ensure you get the best possible outcome in your legal issue. Attorney Howells uses a comprehensive approach designed to help the client achieve the best results possible.

First and foremost, she views each client as a person with a problem, not a paycheck. She determines what is really going on and tries to explain what fights are worth picking. Estimating foreseen costs, legal fees, and success rate often has a huge impact on the course of action. Anne Marie is a support lawyer that takes all of these into account to achieve the best possible results for her clients.

Attorney Anne Marie Howells' Journey to the Courtroom

Anne Marie Howells has always had a strong interest in and understanding of the law. After high school she worked in a mill (weaving factory) as an inspector. In 1990, 100 mill employees were laid off. She applied for the JTPA (Job Training Placement Act) which allowed her to apply for re-education. She used this opportunity to follow her true passion: the law.

After taking a paralegal course, receiving her certificate and getting a job as a paralegal at a corporate law firm, Anne Marie quickly discovered she wanted to go further in the legal field, and was encouraged to do so by her colleagues. After a little nudging, Anne Marie went back to obtain her undergrad, which eventually led to law school. While continuing to work as a Paralegal, Attorney Howells pursued both an Associate of Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree, completing each with honors. She graduated from Dickinson Law School in the top third of her class.

After graduation, Anne Marie began working for a local attorney, but quickly realized she wanted to run her own practice and ventured off on her own. Sixteen years and hundreds of happy clients later, attorney Anne Marie Howells invites you in for a consultation. See for yourself what separates her Scranton, PA, law firm from others in the area.

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