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Estate planning and probate law services in Scranton, PA, and surrounding areas

Proper estate planning is necessary to avoid the consequences of dying intestate. Without a will, probate court will allocate your assets according to Pennsylvania state laws and tax the value of your assets at the maximum legal rate. Furthermore, the probate court will cost your family additional time and expense.

In addition to avoiding lengthy, costly probate court sessions, proper estate planning is ideal for:

  • Establishing a power of attorney
  • Detailing the desired disbursement of your property
  • Avoiding substantial taxes
  • Establishing health care and end-of-life provisions
  • Prearranging funeral arrangements

Real Estate Law, Scranton, PA

Shouldn't You, Not the Courts, Determine the Future of Your Estate?

When planning your estate or engaging in other matters that involve real estate transfers, rely on The Law Office of Anne Marie Howells to facilitate the process. With experience in many areas of legal practice, Scranton, PA, attorney Anne Marie Howells can guide you through the real estate process and help you make well informed decisions. If you are selling and/or buying residential real estate, trust us to guide you through all documents and legal procedures. Real estate attorney Anne Marie Howells represents individuals who want to transfer their deeds for residential real estate as well. She also works with real estate agents directly to make sure the closing process proceeds as efficiently as possible.

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