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If you are not happy with the direction your divorce negotiations seem to be taking, come to Anne Marie Howells for a consultation. Apart from marital division, she also takes charge of probate work and real estate. She is adept at handling Wills and Power of Attorney (POA) forms. Retainer fees are provided for this service.

Trust Anne Marie Howells to help you with:

  • Adoption
  • Child Custody/Support
  • Divorce/Equitable Distribution
  • Wills & Power of Attorneys
  • Probate
  • Parental Rights
  • Family Law

What If Divorce Isn't the Only Answer?

Family law in Scranton, PA, and surrounding areas

Financial issues are one of the main stressors in marriage and can amplify other marital problems. If you could alleviate financial burdens, how might that positively affect your relationship with your spouse and your marriage as a whole?

At The Law Office of Anne Marie Howells, we work with couples who are exploring the idea of divorce and strive to provide other legal means, such as chapter 7 bankruptcy, to help them resolve the legal issues that are detrimental to the family. Call today to schedule a consultation.

If you and your spouse are intent on filing for divorce, The Law Office of Anne Marie Howells can assist you with the process. We can also help you with matters that are commonly associated with divorce, such as child custody and support, equitable distribution and parental rights. Call today to schedule your consultation regarding divorce and other family law matters.

Family and Divorse Lawyer, Scranton PA

If your deceased loved one did or did not have a will and the disbursement of assets must be resolved in probate court, The Law Office of Anne Marie Howells can assist you with that as well. Learn more about probate law and general family law in Scranton, PA, by calling today to schedule your consultation.

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