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Many people experience financial problems. Often times this has nothing to do with wasteful spending or career failures, but more with unfortunate and unavoidable events that culminate in insurmountable debt. Consider bankruptcy as a means of seeking much needed relief from such debts. The Law Office of Anne Marie Howells can help you decide if filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best course of action for you and your family. Call today to learn more about your options about filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Find out if Bankruptcy the Best Way for You to Seek Financial Relief

With legal guidance, you can walk away from debts in as fast as five months, ultimately giving you a new lease on life. By understanding the complexity of your situation, bankruptcy attorney Anne Marie Howells arrives at the best solution for your financial problems. Come and discuss your particular situation with no monetary obligation for the initial consultation. Receive one-on-one attention as we walk you through the entire debt relief process.

Possible exemptions when filing chapter 7 bankruptcy

When settling debt through chapter 7 bankruptcy, you surrender most of your assets for liquidation in order to pay back a portion of your debt. While the forfeiture of some assets is non-negotiable, you may be entitled to keep most of your assets.

Call to speak with a Scranton, PA, bankruptcy attorney about the possible exemptions when filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in Pennsylvania, which may include:

  • A portion of your home's equity
  • Personal property such as clothes and school books
  • Pensions and private retirement benefits
  • Insurance annuities up to $100 a month
  • Worker's compensation and unemployment compensation
  • Veteran's benefits

Bankruptcy does not discharge all debts

Though chapter 7 bankruptcy is an effective means of achieving much needed debt relief, it will not discharge all types of debt. Call today to learn more about the non-dischargeable debts of chapter 7 bankruptcy in Pennsylvania.

Non-dischargeable debts may include:

  • Back child support and alimony
  • Restitution for injury/death caused by DUI accidents
  • Student loans
  • Recent income tax debts
  • Fines and fees incurred for violating the law
  • Debts incurred through fraud
  • Credit purchases of luxury goods within 60 days of filing
  • Debts owed under a divorce decree

Bankruptcy isn't something to be avoided at all costs

Bankruptcy isn't something to be avoided at all costs

Bankruptcy and family law in Scranton, PA

Many people try to avoid bankruptcy at all costs, even if those costs involve family. Don't let the financial stresses of debt strain your marriage to the point of divorce. You and your spouse can get financial relief from seemingly insurmountable debt. Call The Law Office of Anne Marie Howells today to speak with an attorney who is experienced with bankruptcy law and understands the effect it can have on families.

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